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One of Our Hallmarks

22 Oct

Bruce Carlson, Chair of Psychology,  sent me this photograph from the recent Undergraduate Fieldwork and Research Fair.  He noted that 13 community organizations and 17 faculty labs were represented at the fair.  About 250 students attended the fair.

The Psychology Fair is indicative of one of the important characteristics of Ohio University.  Our faculty and staff take student research and creative activity seriously.  They provide abundant opportunities for both our undergraduates and our graduate students to engage in meaningful scholarly and artistic endeavors.  Developing a way of exploring an issue, implementing your approach to that issue, and analyzing the results  in conjunction with an individual who is an expert in a particular field is higher education at its finest.  It happens every day on all of our campuses.



15 Oct

Dear Ohio University Students:

The Athens campus is filling up with alumni who have come to pay their respects to their Alma Mater.  Their fondness for this place is humbling.  I’ve been at other institutions and have seen the deep sense of pride that exists among graduates but it is nothing quite like what I’ve seen at Ohio University.  I can go down the checklist that explains why this might be the case : great faculty, interesting classmates, friendly atmosphere, beautiful place.  But there’s something else.

I recently read a short poem by William Allingham that I’ve thought about in association with Homecoming: “Everything passes and vanishes;/ Everything leaves its trace;/ And often you see in a footstep/What you could not see in a face.”  In 206 years there have been a lot of footsteps on this campus.  Maybe they exert a force that can be detected by poets  but not yet by conventional scientific means.  At any rate, your footsteps are now part of this place–contributing to its energy and vitality.

I hope that you enjoy the Homecoming festivities.  There’s certainly much to celebrate on these beautiful autumn days.

Pam Benoit